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 2 inches gone overnight!

I just wanted to share my experience with the Chinese belly rub. lately I have been feeling very bloated and looking it also. So I decided to start doing the belly rubs yesterday. I did 15 minutes clockwiseand 15 minutes counter clockwise.this morning I measured my natural waist and my lower waist and each measurement was one inch smaller. Since this was only one time I am going to continue with the belly rubs and post daily to be sure that these results are for real. 

thanks! And happy breathing!


C-section belly of 10 years is actually shrinking

I'm excited to say, that besides the weight and inch loss from the belly rub and LifeLift workouts, my c-section belly of 10 years is actually shrinking. For who've had a c-section knows that that lower part close to the incision is usually just an uncontrollable blob.Well uncontrolled no more thanks to LifeLift and belly rubs. :-)

Have a Fab Day!

The Victory Theory motivational 4 CD set
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Here's what Victory Theory users have to say.
 Many say this series has helped improve every aspect of their lives.
ON SALE. Best Price of the Season
This set now has 4 one hour CD titles
1-Shattering Your Limitations
2-Daydreaming Your Way to Success
4-Going Beyond Stress

I woke up this morning to do my Life Lift breathing and put in my Victory Theory tape. I want you to know how good I feel about myself after playing this tape 2 times. I did about 95 Life Lift breaths this morning. I have never done that many at one time. I know I will reach the 100 mark today. So far I have lost 70 pounds with the Life Lift breathing. I have done this without dieting or traditional exercise. I am only using the Life Lift program.

Rashelle has the voice of an angel and I honestly believe about myself everything that she says on the tape. I think that these tapes could be of benefit to everyone who has goals of becoming healthy. I don't see how anyone couldn't feel like a million bucks after hearing these affirmations.

I am excited to that my daughter, even though she is still
small, is going to be able to hear these positive affirmations, and it will benefit her and the way that she sees herself. I would have given my right arm to have been able to hear something like this when I was in high school. I truly believe it would have helped my confidence and self-esteem. I also believe that it would have been a tool in keeping me from gaining so much weight in the first place.
I didn't think that anything could be any better than being able to do the Life Lift breathing exercises, but listening to the tape makes doing the breathing completely. I will be listening to the tapes while doing my breathing from now on.
Rashelle, you are truly a messenger from God because everything that I have received from you has been an answer to prayer. I had been looking for something like this, something to bring me new health, for most of my life, and I am so thankful that God put you in my life to end my search. I now don't have to be on the lookout for some new fad or way to lose weight or tone and tighten. I have found everything I need in your Life Lift videos, audio tapes, herbals, body wraps, and your willingness to help us.
I feel so blessed.

Forever breathing,
Holly Muntz, Cartersville, GA.

I cannot say enough good things about her Victory Theory series. If you think you enjoy the Life Lift videotape, just wait until you listen to her audio tapes. One of the things I enjoy the most is hearing Rashelle's voice. She has the calmest, soothing yet charismatic voice I've ever heard. And you just feel that she's right there with you if you close your eyes and listen. I can understand why children are spellbound around her and love her so much.
Most, if not all, of us have struggled with our self-image.
Rashelle very gently guides you through different ways of thinking and acting to make you feel very positive about yourself. And that's just the first step.
For those of you who struggle with your finances, please do what you need to do to save up for this series. She has a tape on prosperity that is absolutely wonderful. Even though I've only had her tapes for a short time, I've already gotten two bonuses from work! Both were completely unexpected and very much appreciated! I really believe following through with Rashelle's suggestions made the difference!
I could say many more wonderful things about the tapes. Please do consider ordering them. I'm so glad I did!


Birmingham, Alabama

I wanted to comment on my recent purchases from Rashelle!! First, I want to comment on the "Victory Theory." If you have been considering ordering this, don't wait any longer!! Get to her website and order up as fast as you can!! It is amazing! I have been listening to it in my car and it is so powerful. Rashelle has such a calming voice and a fabulous delivery. Her message in every area is positive, reaffirming, relaxing and informative. I have truly benefited from these tapes!! I was just trying to think of which topic from the tapes was my favorite but I honestly can't say! They are all so fantastic and each one has a great message. The Victory Theory is a major self-confidence booster and certainly gives you the empowerment to achieve your dreams. Rashelle, well done!! I am so thankful to you for your dedication to helping people (kids, too!) achieve their desires and believe in themselves!! Thanks again, Rashelle!


Rashelle, I meant to tell you that I have listened to some of the Victory Theory tapes while I walk.  It is so relaxing that it almost seems like a conflict to be exercising at the same time. However, I really get engaged in them and find myself listening to every word, which, in addition to enjoying them, also helps pass the walking time- they are so much better than watching TV, which has been a traditional distraction for me.

Hello, Rashelle!
 I am so enjoying my videos and the Victory Theory set.
 A lot of what I am hearing is not new to me but somehow you bring it together in a way that is
fresh, accessible and real. It penetrates the barriers of my jaded adult mind.
Right now I am just beginning the Lifelift program. I had already begun to lose some weight and some
bloat from following Suzanne Somers' guidelines. In fact, it was through her discussion boards that I heard about you. 
Someone was doing body flex -which I almost tried - and someone else said she likes your program better.
She said it was gentler and more possible for her and that she liked your style.  So do I.
You haven't led me wrong so far, so I will be ordering the body wrap and the affirmation tapes soon.
I wish you the very best in all your wonderful endeavors.

Mary Lynn

I am a retired speech pathologist, so I can honestly critique you, and you were great! You told real-life experiences. I was impressed, and inspired to see how everyone trusts you so completely. We all would follow you anywhere.

Carol Newman,


Dear Rashelle, Thank you so much for creating The Victory Theory, it has changed my life. When I first heard you speak in Las Vegas I somehow felt certain that there was something about the way you presented this information that was unique and could offer me something that I had been searching for.
I have heard most of the motivational speakers out there and I have read most of the books. I enjoyed the information, yet nothing really changed for me, until I met you.
I have been listening to my Victory Theory
tapes almost every night for about three weeks. The results are almost miraculous. When I purchased the tapes it took a great deal of courage and a leap of faith to spend the money since I was feeling that I was in a financial hole that I was just not sure I could get out of.
Now, after only three weeks I have a completely different feeling about all aspects of my life, especially my financial situation. I am now turning business away I am so busy. I feel almost overwhelmed with what it happening to me. It is all positive.
You have helped me see that the tools are inside of me that can make all of my dreams come true. I feel I am now really living The Victory Theory and I know it is only going to get better.
My self-esteem has grown in a way that seemed beyond my reach just a few short weeks ago. Now I have the confidence I need to be victorious in every area of my life.
Again, I must say thank you. You have been a great blessing in my life.

Wendy W.

San Francisco California

I recently purchased Rashelle's Victory Theory and I love it! I have been listening to the first tape for about two weeks now. I just listen to it when I'm working out or doing house cleaning. There is nothing that can't be unlearned as Rashelle says. Now this hit me like a bullet between the eyes because it's so simple. I don't have to yo-yo diet and punish my body anymore. I don't look in the mirror and get physically ill. I look at myself and smile. I tell myself that I am a gift from God. Rashelle reminds us that what we do for ourselves is our gift to God.

I can picture myself at my goal weight and now thanks to the Life Lift breathing I'm only 25 pounds away.

Just remember that life is what we make of it! And being negative is not a good way to start!

Rashelle says "Change the way you think and you will change the way you live"


I've been to two of your workshops and I swear to you I will never miss another one. Thanks for all the love and support you supply and thanks for all of the great tools on how to achieve prosperity.

Patti. McGee,


I came to your workshop feeling down and depressed, and yet I left feeling like a new person with new-found faith.

Thank you so much.

Lila Peterson,



After attending your workshop, I had to get back to you this instant. My visualization was to sell architectural illustrations that I had created. I had not received any calls for months and months. The Alta Mira Hotel just called and they want to buy 4!! I have to tell you, yes, what you teach works and I will continue to use your technique.

S. Nelson,

Marin County, California

I simply love the Victory Theory. I listen to the tapes over and over and every time I hear something I didn't hear before. The BEST part is that I have had TERRIBLE money problems over the years and a LOT of it had to do with my ATTITUDE about money. I cannot explain how this has come about but I have been doing MUCH better...working hard, mind you, but I am losing the FEAR and enjoying the prosperity I have and I even have a bit extra just now (I was able to pay for very expensive car repairs yesterday without breaking the bank).

They are really worthwhile, peppered with commonsense wisdom and the principles of self-worth, God's value on you, and sharing to make the world a better place. Bottom line: they are worth it!

Libby B.


Rashelle was commissioned to create this series. People all over the world are enjoying the benefits of this motivational program.. The people who asked her to create this are sure it will  be an incredible winner. After hearing her speak in Las Vegas a few months ago they have asked that she create a JR. Victory Theory for children!

The Victory Theory Motivational/Inspirational audio tape series is taken from 4 of Rashelle's most successful seminars and workshops.

They are being used by tens of thousands around the world with wonderful success. The Victory Theory Motivational audio tapes were written in simple terms that anyone can identify with. They will inspire you to believe in yourself and your own possibilities


The Victory Theory emerged from a series of highly successful seminars Rashelle has conducted over the past two decades throughout the United States.

Today clients from every corner of the world have come to learn about the program from web sites that speak via testimonials from people who have found success after years of searching for solutions. They have now integrated the powerful messages of the Victory Theory into their own lives, The Victory Theory has distilled the messages of internalizing self-love, designing your life, the give-to-get principle, positive food for your mind with great success. 

Out of a passion for nurturing and helping people reach their full potential, Rashelle developed the Victory Theory series.

The target audience has grown from word-of-mouth among people of all ages, from children to senior citizens and every walk of life from Senators in Congress to successful business owners who are drawn to Rashelle's real-life stories most people can relate to in some form.

The Victory Theory is 4 audio CD's, approximately 1 hour each. They have been taken from the  most successful seminars that she has been teaching for many years.

  1. Shattering your Limitations: Find out why you deserve to have your dreams come true. This is not about learning to be perfect; it is about learning to love yourself for who you are and learning to love yourself unconditionally.

  2. Relationships: This is not just about relationships with a mate, but instead about the relationships that you form with everyone around you. Learn to build positive relationships that could change your life forever.

  3. Going Beyond Stress:. Learn to live a life of peace and joy.
  4. Daydreaming your way to success: How many times have you heard that visualizing your dreams will help make them come true? Yet, so many have trouble with the concept of visualization. It seems like a foreign word. I have broken it down in a simple easy way that even children can understand. They get it and so will you. Learning to create a clear picture of your future in your head will help to make your dreams reality. Learn to take control of your future and create the life you really want.

The ideal way the Victory Theory is to use them is to listen to Shattering your Limitations every day for at least two weeks and then go on to the next tape. 30 days for each tape is the most effective since the goal here is to saturate your mind with all of this positive information so that you can reach and then keep your goals and dreams forever. Rashelle Haines

Read what people are saying about The Victory Theory!


Who is Rashelle Haines and why have tens of thousands of people all over the world visited her web site or her health, fitness & beauty centers to learn about The Victory Theory and her practical solutions for growing healthy relationships, prosperity and ageless beauty?

Rashelle is first and foremost a woman of principle, integrity and beauty, inside and out. Her selfless and unconditional attitude to helping people has made her a natural for speaking at conferences and trade events; an author of articles for investment, health and entrepreneur publications; a highly successful businesswoman, mother and grandmother. 

Publishing The Victory Theory will realize her life ambition of sharing the great lessons she has internalized, applied daily and integrated into her own life with remarkable results.

Rashelle is a successful entrepreneur with Life Lift, a health, fitness & beauty business. Over the past 30 years she has built Life Lift into an international company with clients on every continent.

She has represented companies in Europe with commercials promoting health and fitness products and has authored articles for trade, entrepreneur and special-interest publications. She has been honored as "Outstanding Woman of the Year" by such organizations as the Mrs. America Pageant and the Chamber of Commerce of such cities as Sausalito, California, for her work around the country.

The work has been on multiple levels from working with people seeking effective programs for health, fitness and prosperity on one level to the special needs of individuals with uncertain futures, the abused, homeless and those who have lost loved ones. Rashelle and her husband funded a video program for one of the largest charitable organizations in the country to raise awareness and funds for victims of society, focused on children.

Rashelle began writing about the power of the mind in overcoming adversities and self- improvement in all facets of life in the early 1980's.Overcoming her own early childhood "uncertain future" prognosis, Rashelle went on to create and produce her own fitness, wellness and motivational programs. She has worked all over the world as a spokes model and businesswoman. Her videos and products are being used in countries from Sweden, Norway, England, Australia and New Zealand to South Africa, China, Japan, Canada, and the United States.

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Steffi Powers has lost over 60 pounds and maintained it for 9 years. She is healthier and as you can see she looks many years younger.

Look at Steffi above at over 190 and now at 130.

This took place when she decided to add LifeLift to her life and make simple changes that she can live with for the rest of her life.

After years of struggling with my weight I feel as if I have been freed from a life sentence.

When I was younger I was very slim and weight loss was never a thought, but when I was in my 30's I had some Thyroid problems and I went from 120 lbs to over 190 lbs in less than a year that is when I began my years of struggling with weight loss.

I tried several diets and many different kinds of exercise but it was not until I added the LifeLift breathing to my efforts that I finally started to see the pounds and inches fall off.

I have found that the perfect combination for me is not fad diets, but to use common sense eating as it recommends with the LifeLift

program combined with at least 20 minutes of LifeLift breathing every day.

My weight was up over 190 lbs and I had more extra chins than any woman would want to admit.  Now I am down to less than 130 lbs and I feel fantastic.

Before I lost the weight I heard someone refer to me as the nice elderly woman on the corner and that combined with declining health problems was too much for me.  Now I have a new Grandson and everyone tells me I look too young to be a Grandma.  I know that all the oxygen that I am getting from doing the LifeLift breathing has given me far more benefits than I can count.  One is the huge benefit of the weight and inch loss, but even more than that I have more energy than I have in years and I no longer feel twice my age after just a few months of adding LifeLift breathing to my life.

Since I started doing LifeLift I cannot even begin to tell of all the differences in myself and in my life.  Everyone tells me I look great, but more important than that I feel younger and healthier than I did when I was young, I have renewed energy and actually enjoy my life more.  One of the things LifeLift teaches is that the more relaxed you are the easier it is for your body to release toxins, fat and stress.  Doing LifeLift is the most relaxing and nurturing workout I can imagine and the proof of what it teaches is in my results.  Now instead of searching my closet for clothes to hide my body I am out shopping for new clothes and it feels so good to be able to wear attractive clothes and feel young again.

There are three important components to the LifeLift breathing program oxygen, water and not skipping meals.  I have followed this with amazing results and because it is such a manageable way of life I feel confident that my days of yo-yo diets and hiding myself are over for me."

Oxygen is the Key to Life! It is Oyxgen that Burns Fat!

Life Lift * OxygenLift
1350 Whisper Rock Way

Reno NV 89523    


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