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 2 inches gone overnight!

I just wanted to share my experience with the Chinese belly rub. lately I have been feeling very bloated and looking it also. So I decided to start doing the belly rubs yesterday. I did 15 minutes clockwiseand 15 minutes counter clockwise.this morning I measured my natural waist and my lower waist and each measurement was one inch smaller. Since this was only one time I am going to continue with the belly rubs and post daily to be sure that these results are for real. 

thanks! And happy breathing!


C-section belly of 10 years is actually shrinking

I'm excited to say, that besides the weight and inch loss from the belly rub and LifeLift workouts, my c-section belly of 10 years is actually shrinking. For who've had a c-section knows that that lower part close to the incision is usually just an uncontrollable blob.Well uncontrolled no more thanks to LifeLift and belly rubs. :-)

Have a Fab Day!

All 6 DVDs Resistance stretch Band+ANIMATED OxygenZoo+BONUS Reflexology chart PLUS Workout CD
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Hi Rashelle,

I feel sooooo great this morning!  I received the commuter/computer CD and the workout bands DVD yesterday.  I didn't do any exercises last night but on my way to work this morning I did the commuter/computer CD.  Man, oh man, I feel sooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!  I haven't felt like this in a longggggg time!!!!  That CD is really a workout!!!  I didn't know I could get such a good workout while driving my car!!!!  I could barely keep up with you!  I was almost gasping for air at the end of the lifts!!!!  Plus I am pulling my stomach in much tighter than I used to and I think that is going to make a tremendous difference in my waist/stomach measurement!  I really am glad I ordered the commuter/computer CD because I don't always have time to do the workout tapes in front of the TV.   The commuter/computer CD is going to be perfect when I'm on the go as it helps me to ensure I'm doing the brea! ths correctly.  

Thanks again for creating these wonderful exercises.  I can't believe how fantastic I feel this morning all from just breathing!!  I'll have to keep you posted!

Have a wonderful day!

Dawn Sherman
"Oh, truly are a godsend!  Thank you for sharing the Life Lift technique with everyone.  I want to give it to everyone I know!  It is truly amazing!  I have been using your commuter CD and love it!!  I am a flight attendant and do an hour of Life Lift breathing each day to and from the airport four days a week. I love being able to use my commute time to get an aerobic work out.  Before Life Lift, driving to the airport in the heavy traffic was very stressful.  Now, I actually look forward to the drive!  I arrive at work refreshed, energized, and calm."
Anne F.
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Steffi Powers has lost over 60 pounds and maintained it for 9 years. She is healthier and as you can see she looks many years younger.

Look at Steffi above at over 190 and now at 130.

This took place when she decided to add LifeLift to her life and make simple changes that she can live with for the rest of her life.

After years of struggling with my weight I feel as if I have been freed from a life sentence.

When I was younger I was very slim and weight loss was never a thought, but when I was in my 30's I had some Thyroid problems and I went from 120 lbs to over 190 lbs in less than a year that is when I began my years of struggling with weight loss.

I tried several diets and many different kinds of exercise but it was not until I added the LifeLift breathing to my efforts that I finally started to see the pounds and inches fall off.

I have found that the perfect combination for me is not fad diets, but to use common sense eating as it recommends with the LifeLift

program combined with at least 20 minutes of LifeLift breathing every day.

My weight was up over 190 lbs and I had more extra chins than any woman would want to admit.  Now I am down to less than 130 lbs and I feel fantastic.

Before I lost the weight I heard someone refer to me as the nice elderly woman on the corner and that combined with declining health problems was too much for me.  Now I have a new Grandson and everyone tells me I look too young to be a Grandma.  I know that all the oxygen that I am getting from doing the LifeLift breathing has given me far more benefits than I can count.  One is the huge benefit of the weight and inch loss, but even more than that I have more energy than I have in years and I no longer feel twice my age after just a few months of adding LifeLift breathing to my life.

Since I started doing LifeLift I cannot even begin to tell of all the differences in myself and in my life.  Everyone tells me I look great, but more important than that I feel younger and healthier than I did when I was young, I have renewed energy and actually enjoy my life more.  One of the things LifeLift teaches is that the more relaxed you are the easier it is for your body to release toxins, fat and stress.  Doing LifeLift is the most relaxing and nurturing workout I can imagine and the proof of what it teaches is in my results.  Now instead of searching my closet for clothes to hide my body I am out shopping for new clothes and it feels so good to be able to wear attractive clothes and feel young again.

There are three important components to the LifeLift breathing program oxygen, water and not skipping meals.  I have followed this with amazing results and because it is such a manageable way of life I feel confident that my days of yo-yo diets and hiding myself are over for me."

Oxygen is the Key to Life! It is Oyxgen that Burns Fat!

Life Lift * OxygenLift
1350 Whisper Rock Way

Reno NV 89523    


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